Wonderful vitriol from Grauniad’s CiF…

Nick Clegg won’t be much use on this issue.

A sensible person might suggest that Nick Clegg is as much use as trying to get dog hairs from your favorite jumper by soaking it in hydroflouric acid, then running over it with a combine harvester, and then ignoring it for 25 years, then returning to the field dressed as a Roman soldier and then bashing at it with a rake, drinking a pint of paraffin and before your kidneys and liver give out, spending your last hour on the planet singing a selection of hits from the pop combo Dollar through the inside of a toilet roll.

Now imagine your jumper is social mobility, and you’ll have a good idea of how much use Nick Clegg is.

… I’d add that I think abolishing grammar schools removed the last vestiges of chance for the “working class”; The Labour party apparatchiks pulling up the ladder behind them. “Baroness” Shirley Williams? Looking at you…

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