aneela rose pr & Twitter taking the tweeting bridge #givetowerbridgeback #PRFail

We have generated over 40 pieces of media coverage in 5 months of working with Tower Bridge

I think that Urban Scale’s Open Letter to Twitter sets out the backgroundfor this PR disaster.

I’ll miss the tweeting bridge; and no-one thought it real… or official.


I recently got a terribly nice email from  the Development Manager for Tower Bridge, who said he’d been asked to contact me by Aneela Rose PR regarding this post from 13 June 2011. They were putting every effort into growing their business and in terms of SEO, the blog post appeared as number 3 for the last six months when typing ‘Aneela Rose PR’ into google.

  Shows how well Posterous ranked – and how poor the rest of the SEO must be:-)

After a brief explanation where he reckoned the blame should be his or Twitters, he advised me that Aneela Rose PR are contractors who simply dealt with the exhibition at the Bridge as a tourist attraction – and they had absolutely nothing to do with the chaos that errupted last June.
I’d add they were happy enough to take the credit at the time – and the fact I rank at #3 for them can’t bode well for their SEO skills :-), but I’m happy to clarify that “it wasn’t them, guv“.

Oh, and the bridge itself? Tweeting at!/twrbrdg_itself

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