The MUD Archives: It’s About Goddamned Time – interesting view of Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is quickly showing itself to have an unexpected measurement usage: it is an early-warning system for finding out what knowledge is falling out of favor and has a danger of being forgotten or lost. At one point, they started attacking the demoscene pages, anything with groups or events, and desperate attempts to keep the articles about Demoscene-related subjects revealed obvious things, like how Wikipedia Encourages Bureaucratic Assholes, but also less-obvious things, like how there was at best spotty examples of specific demoscene information in a greater social context. If you knew where to look, you could find these artifacts and stories, but since Wikipedia only wants an ever-shifting set of “legitimate” sources for the viability of a subject, a bunch of stuff was deleted.

whatever his views on Wikipedia, Jason Scott’s an interesting guy with a passion for archives and history. … and Wikipedia does delete a whole bunch of stuff 🙂

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