How do you search *your* Tweets?

Also, Twitter’s handling of historical data is pants. I laugh, I cry, I laugh, I cry every time someone says Twitter will crush Google, it’s the new search, when they can’t even search tweets from more than 2 weeks ago. Yes, I realise it’s all about real-time now, and searching last month is so, well, last month. But I want to use Twitter in a way that I can easily search back to things I’ve been doing and links I’ve been noting; and, as it stands, I can’t. So I’d much rather pump all my tweets through something that is properly searchable. I still do tweet directly at times, but mostly because it’s convenient from TweetDeck; as soon as there’s an equivalently good Twitter client that posts to posterous – or just sends tweets to an email address, hah! – I’m out.

So, how do you Tweet to *guarantee* a record of your Tweets?

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