Chipping Away at Roe…and the Definition of Rape

The implicit redefinition of what constitutes rape, the ramifications of that redefinition for all survivors of sexual violence (not just the pregnant ones), the revictimization of survivors, the policing of women’s bodies and choices, the auditing and ranking of survivors of rape, the auditing and ranking of various acts of rape itself, the condescending and infantilizing paternalism that Other People know what’s best for a pregnant woman and survivor of rape, the virtual impossibility of being able to “prove,” presumably in a court of law, that one was raped (forcibly or otherwise) in time to secure an abortion… There are so many rape culture tropes being served here, I could frankly spend the entire day documenting the innumerable manifestations of misogynistic fuckery at work here.

unbelievable misogyny made manifest in the “Land of the Free”. FFS guys, rape is rape. Thanks to @noirem for depressing my morning.

And Now, For No Particular Reason, a Rant About Facebook

The vast majority of people with Facebook accounts, grandmas and otherwise, are not Facebook’s customers. Advertisers are Facebook’s customers. Facebook app developers are Facebook’s customers. Everyone else on Facebook is a product whose personal information can be milked for those customers’ benefit.

An excellent blog post – with some truly acerbic comments; of which I loved this one particularly. Polite hat tip to Chris (@ninthspace) for allrting me to this.

Where Warsi is right and wrong | The Spectator

“Warsi then compounds her error by analysing extremism merely with reference to terrorism. Islamism is compromised of many more barbaric crudities than the suicide bomber. Honour killings, arranged marriages within families, the oppression of women and homosexuals etc, etc, etc should be inimical to liberal society.”

Not to mention death for apostasy, the attacks on free speech and the anti-Semitism which is widespread within the Muslim community.

All these are inimical to a free and liberal society.

it should be added that the US Government has views on Free Speech, at least for Australians; and much of what is being conflated with Islam is actually tribal views held in small areas of rather backwards countries; much of this would be anathema to the majority of Muslims worldwide.

Obama officials caught deceiving about WikiLeaks – Glenn Greenwald –

The case against WikiLeaks is absolutely this decade’s version of the Saddam/WMD campaign.  It’s complete with frivolous invocations of Terrorism, grave public warnings about National Security negated by concealed information, endlessly repeated falsehoods, a competition among political and media elites to advocate the harshest measures possible, a cowardly Congress that (with a few noble exceptions) acquiesces to it all on a bipartisan basis and is eager to enable it, and a media that not only fails to subject these fictions to critical scrutiny, but does the opposite:  it takes the lead in propagating them.  One might express bewilderment that most American journalists never learn their lesson about placing their blind faith in government claims, but that assumes — falsely — that their objective is to report truthfully.

and we are surprised? No.

Savage Tory cuts… back to what we spent in 2006?

The U.K. will still be spending 41 percent of its nationalincome on public services, equating to 5,000 pounds per year oneducating each child, the same as Germany and more than France,Cameron will say. London will have as many police officers as New York City and the nation’s spending on health will equal theEuropean average, he will say.

So, just how savage are these cuts, then? And what exactly are the shroud-wavers suggesting?