What’s your view on SharePoint 2010? – opinions divide

I think SP is restricted to companies which are not technical, are locked into Microsoft or have a political need to spend money on software from large vendors to align the company behind it. Any internet startup, or company with technical acumen or constrained resources or who is concerned with costs or value for money will be using a combination of the myriad of superior open source projects or Web services

I tend towards the @psd view; if the move to SP2010 catalyses a culture shift, I’ll eat my words. I suspect FOSS would involve more people.

One thought on “What’s your view on SharePoint 2010? – opinions divide

  1. Does it work? Does it do the job and improve my work life? The earlier versions suck.That’s my view on it.Slows me down, introduce unecessary delays, hoops and failures not matter how much I ache to make it help me and my colleagues. I’d like to think SP10 works without you even knowing it’s there when I’m at my desktop – but I haven’t seen it in action to know if that’s the case. But I certainly doubt that can be said of the myriad of FOSS offerings, that’s for sure

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