New Orleans Scrapping Surveillance Cameras

New Orleans Scrapping Surveillance Cameras

They’re not worth it:

In seven years, New Orleans’ crime camera program has yielded six indictments: three for crimes caught on video and three for bribes and kickbacks a vendor is accused of paying a former city official to sell the cameras to City Hall.

just like most security theatre

The British Library’s Future: Shiny, Locked-Down Knowledge? – Open Enterprise

there is not the slightest sign here that the British Library understands anything about the effect that the Internet is having on creating a massive, innovative market of non-rivalrous, abundant digital goods. There seems to be no inkling that plenty of companies make money by giving stuff away (actually, it’s how most television channels, newspapers and industry magazines have worked for decades, so it’s not even a new idea.)

by @glynmoody, via @estherschindler. So, locked into Microsoft, deprecating sharing. Very sad for the British Library

What’s your view on SharePoint 2010? – opinions divide

I think SP is restricted to companies which are not technical, are locked into Microsoft or have a political need to spend money on software from large vendors to align the company behind it. Any internet startup, or company with technical acumen or constrained resources or who is concerned with costs or value for money will be using a combination of the myriad of superior open source projects or Web services

I tend towards the @psd view; if the move to SP2010 catalyses a culture shift, I’ll eat my words. I suspect FOSS would involve more people.

Osborne’s cuts will strengthen Britain’s economy – Telegraph

The private sector should be more than capable of generating additional jobs to replace those lost in the public sector, and the redeployment of people to more productive activities will improve economic performance, so generating more employment opportunities.

so says Ian Livingston, CEO, BT Group. I look forward to finding out how many additional new jobs BT Group will be generating. BT is, to be fair, a successful redeployer of its own people.

Josie Fraser’s comment on There’s No Such Thing as “Cyberbullying” – Anil Dash

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t understand that cyberbullying is at root a social problem. They also have a resolutely better grasp than you display here of the impact of the social web on shaping and creating social mores, the impact of the mainstreaming of the social web and continuing rapid emergence of new technologies and practices has on social and legal practice, and the broad variety ways in which individuals and organisations currently understand and respond to both old and new challenges.

amused to see Anil Dash allegedly displaying a poor grasp of the impact of the social web, and the impact of rapid emergence of new technologies…

much of rest of the comment descends in to hearsay and strawman but A* for the emotion.

Guns and state borders: Trekking north | The Economist

Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the National Rifle Association, called Mayors Against Illegal Guns “intent on enacting some form of gun control” and predicted that people would be “wary about believing so-called studies that come from groups that have an interest in the outcome.” And he ought to know.

“…in 2009 ten states (Arizona, California, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia) supplied almost half the interstate-trafficked guns recovered at crime scenes”
“…90% of the guns recovered from crime scenes in Mexico and traced led back to American dealers”

Surely there’s a clue in there somewhere.