Another anti TV licence rant.

We all must pay £129 a year for tv channels that alot of us do not watch anyway, so why do we still have to pay for it… all the other terrestrial tv channels in the uk pay their own way,, usually with adverts, so why are we still forced to pay for a licence for a channel that we do not want…. If bbc still want to run, now is the time for them to start puting advertisments on their channels. If you agree with me go to the link below and sign the pettition to get it aboilished….. is a legitamate petition at the no 10 website if enough people sign it,,, they might just abolish it

Many people have issues with paying for the TV Licence. This one rather amused me with the obvious passion overcoming the ability to spell or punctuate.

I like “why are we force to pay for … that we do not want.”

I can think of many things I don’t want to pay for. Probably one of the best spoken word radio channels in the world, a major outlet for comedians and writers, one of the best online web presences in the world, a world-class news organisation, cutting edge music stations don’t figure highly there.

If you want to see how the licence fee is spent, visit

2 thoughts on “Another anti TV licence rant.

  1. Obviously the fee is not just paying for current BBC output. It might be time the name actually matched what is being paid for.Terrestrial Broadcast Tax, combined with a National News and Entertainment tax, would be more accurate. While you cannot stop paying for embedded infrastructure, you could reasonably suggest that paying for Strictly Come Dancing because someone somewhere likes it is a little financially unusual.

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