Microsoft’s 7 Essential E2.0 Truths

Seven Truths:

  • Focus on the need, not the technology
  • Be a silo buster
  • The solution belongs to the users – it doesn’t work in a command-and-control way. If it is done top-down, you have to compel participation. If it’s bottom up, people self-select and much more effective
  • What’s in a name? The platform/program should have a distinct name, look and personality. (If it had been just another SharePoint site, it would not have achieved the same level of visibility and interest.)
  • Start small, grow fast. They just wanted to help a few communicate and connect. They didn’t intend to create a video backbone.
  • Bring in everybody. Make sure you give ways for various types of participants  – contributors, commenters, raters, etc.
  • Value? They actually didn’t make a hard ROI business case before launching the program.  However, they have since be able to establish lots of business value.  It speaks for itself.
  • Mileage will vary – not every E2.0 effort will have the same impact.  You need to really calibrate your methods and branding to your goals.

Excellent advice, Liveblogged from #e2conf by @VMaryAbraham at Above and Beyond KM

My key points? Focus on the needs, start bottom up, and bring everyone in.

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