Be careful with whom you compare yourself

If I may quote the late Carl Sagan on this very problem, “They laughed at Galileo. They laughed at Einstein. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.

… talking about scientific breakthroughs, with reference to “innovative” treatments. cf. Nativis

CEO Guide to Sales Management

Sales Managers sit in the middle. They’re the shock absorber in the system. Taking the heat from the C suite on everything the sales guys do. Taking the heat from the sales guys about ineffective marketing, unrealistic pricing, poor customer service or late delivery. In every business, the rubber meets the road with the sales team, and the sales manager navigates a way through everybody’s failings to keep the wheels turning. Without good sales management, turnover of sales people is high, revenue disappoints and low margins show up in the bottom line. And the one who ends up paying for that is most often the CEO, with his or her job.

I’m indebted to @stevenreeves (and his alterego @frontofficebox) for introducing me to the phrase C suite.

As I get older I note with amusement just how many job titles start with “Director”, “Head of”, “Chiefxx” many of them several levels down from where the buck stops…

Microsoft’s 7 Essential E2.0 Truths

Seven Truths:

  • Focus on the need, not the technology
  • Be a silo buster
  • The solution belongs to the users – it doesn’t work in a command-and-control way. If it is done top-down, you have to compel participation. If it’s bottom up, people self-select and much more effective
  • What’s in a name? The platform/program should have a distinct name, look and personality. (If it had been just another SharePoint site, it would not have achieved the same level of visibility and interest.)
  • Start small, grow fast. They just wanted to help a few communicate and connect. They didn’t intend to create a video backbone.
  • Bring in everybody. Make sure you give ways for various types of participants  – contributors, commenters, raters, etc.
  • Value? They actually didn’t make a hard ROI business case before launching the program.  However, they have since be able to establish lots of business value.  It speaks for itself.
  • Mileage will vary – not every E2.0 effort will have the same impact.  You need to really calibrate your methods and branding to your goals.

Excellent advice, Liveblogged from #e2conf by @VMaryAbraham at Above and Beyond KM

My key points? Focus on the needs, start bottom up, and bring everyone in.