Streaming Spotify through Squeezebox – easily!

After my last solution, I was pointed to a simple solution using DSBridge.

vagskal at
provided the following briefing, which I reproduce here for reference:

“It is quite simple on Windows:

1. Close Spotify (right click on the Spotify tray icon and select

2. Find your Spotify folder (where spotify.exe is). It is usually under

3. Download DSBridge from Put the
files “DSound.dll” and “dsbridge.ini” in your Spotify folder.

4. Find on the Internet the file “lame_enc.dll”, preferably v. 3.98.2
(hint: Put the
file “lame_enc.dll” in your Spotify folder.

5. Start Spotify and play something. You will notice a new tray icon.

6. Go to your web browser and open SqueezeCenter (you will need a
computer running SqueezeCenter to use DSBridge, I think). Go to
Favourites and choose Edit. Choose New Favourite and type a name for the
favourite (i.e. Spotify). If you are running Spotify on the same PC as
SqueezeCenter: Type “http://localhost:8124/”; as the url for your new
favourite. – If you are running SqueezeCenter and Spotify on separate
machines on a local network, you will have to find the IP address (on
your local network, something like 192.168…..) of the machine running
Spotify and type that instead of “localhost”.

7. “Play” the new Spotify favourite, via the web interface or iPeng,
and whatever is playing on Spotify will play on your SB3.”

It works fine on my old Squeezeboxes.

8 thoughts on “Streaming Spotify through Squeezebox – easily!

  1. Hi there, I have followed the instructions but no success so far. Can anyone tell me if it works with windows 7 64bit version? When I put my pc ip address into squeezebox web control – tune in URL and start Spotify and press play on squeezebox it just go silent for 1-2 sek and then it plays it normal through pc speakers no through squeezebox and the icon from dsbridge in left down corner is still blue(idle mode) suppose to be green. Maybe it have something to do with security …. (I got esset). Could you help someone pls. Thank you and have a nice day.

  2. What a lifesaver – my daughter suddenly announced she wanted to stream spotify to the other rooms for her birthday party this afternoon. How nice to find a person I knew who had solved it. It worked for me when I put in the IP address (but not when I used localhost). Thanks steve.

  3. Hi Steve,The second link in your last message isn’t working. Is it possible for you to e-mail me the instructions or publish them in another way. My spotify on squeezebox is also broken since yesterday :(ThanksRene

  4. Sorry Rene, didn’t see your email :-)Basically, it said to copy dsound.dll, dsbridge.ini and lame_enc.dll to C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlash. This makes Flash load the wrapper dll as well, and things works just like before the update. In my case, it was C:Windowssystem32MacromedFlash.

  5. This does not work with Squeezebox radio. I continues to just time out. the dot in the tray is green. no sound though. I switch to pandora I hear sound. Go back to favorites and hit and silence. I have put all required files into spotify and flash folders as instructed. any ideas?

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