Using a custom domain name

having admired @mahemoff ‘s tumblr at I decided I needed to improve my use of posterous.

Mind you, I also need to blog more, tweet better, read more, learn my new job, requalify as a rope rescue technician, move professional community.

As an easy start, I decided to move my tumblog from the shaidorsai name to my name, and echo the “mini” subdomain that Michael , and others, have done. *do* provide some instructions
So, off to my registrar and set up a subdomain. Err, no. While 1&1 are my registrar, my DNS (and most of my hosting) is done via 5quidhost. So, setup a subdomain there, and point it to

No, not that easy. I can’t set the A record, so I have to request that via email. About an hour later, you can now benefit(?) from my pearls of wisdom at

Now, how do I get my wave to embed in my blog…. (wanders off muttering)

One thought on “Using a custom domain name

  1. of course, as anyone but a ninny would immediately see – @mahemoff used a posterous – which I referred to…So why exactly I thought it was sensible to use tumblr is beyond will shortly be pointing at the posterous – and in the meantime I’ve pointed at the tumblr. Sigh.

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